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1) Be a fan of at least one Castlevania game. Hey, why would you want to join if you aren't?

2) You must give a (nick)name, your home country, and a working email address. Filling the website, favorite game and comment fields is optional. Also, you can choose not to have your email listed; just mention so in the joining form (in the comment field).

3) If you have a website and wish for it to be listed, please link back here first. The URL is: http://fan.towerofmist.net/castlevania/

4) No websites with, ah, "questionable" content will be listed. Sites that have yaoi/hentai are okay as long as there is a warning page. Also, if I cannot access the page you give (if it, for example, is a non-public social networking site profile or such), I won't list your site. Your name/email/country will always be listed of course.

5) If your information changes, let me know and I'll update it.