[ Rules ]

1) Be a fan of Trevor. Why would you join if you're not? Doesn't matter which game version you like as long as you like him.

2) You must fill in a (nick)name, a valid email address and a country in the joining form. You don't need to have a website to join, but if you do, see #4. I need your email address for reference, but if you don't want it listed, mention so in the comment field.

3) Real country names only, thank you.

4) If you have a website, please link back to the fanlisting before joining. If I can't find the code/text link, I won't list your site. Also, do bear in mind I might choose not to list your website if it has, ah, questionable content (ask if you're not sure). Your name (and email if you so choose) will be listed of course.

5) If your info needs to be edited, please email me with the changes.