Brahms from VP2
[ Rules ]

1) This one's pretty much a given, but you should be a fan of Brahms at least on some level. Why would you want to join if you aren't?

2) You must give a (nick)name, your email address and your home country. Website is optional. I require a working email address in case there are any changes and I need to contact you; you can, however, choose not to have your email listed. Just mention so in the joining form (in that handy comment field there).

3) If you have a website and wish for it to be listed, please link back here first. The URL is:
Note: if the code/link is not on the page you give in the website field, do tell me the location in the comments field; if I can't find it I won't link your site.

4) No websites with, ah, "questionable" content will be listed. Sites that have yaoi/hentai are okay as long as there is a warning page. Your name/email/country will always be listed naturally.

5) If your information changes, let me know.
Lord of the Undead